#Creator Spaces Week 15



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#Creator Spaces Week 15
By @GentOfTech • Issue #1 • View online
We’re launching our second partnered show this week with Dylan from @GrowthCurrency!
Every Monday we’re going through one step of his Learn → Create → Build → Sell model. At the end of the 4 week series, we’ll have a brand new digital product and aim to make $1000+ at launch with it.
It’ll be every Monday at Noon PT/ 2pm ET.
Subscribe Here 👉 https://lu.ma/LBCS

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This Week's Schedule & Sign Ups 👇
Mariko Gordon on #CreatorSpaces
Kate Ward on #CreatorSpaces
Jamming About Business Every Friday
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Conversations With Creators About Their Creations and What They’ve Learned From Them

A Podcast Interviewing Creators At Every Point In The Journey. Recorded Live On Twitter Spaces M-F. New Recordings Released M/W/F.

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