#CreatorSpaces Week 26: Top 3 best practices for working remotely



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#CreatorSpaces Week 26: Top 3 best practices for working remotely
By @GentOfTech • Issue #11 • View online
There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for remote work but here are three areas to focus on to set your team up for success:
  1. Prioritize documentation and clear communication - Document more than you normally would, overcommunicate on Slack/email, and record as many meetings as you can to minimize back and forth while maximizing understanding
  2. Experiment with what makes you most productive - Give yourself permission to try different start times, work from different places, wear different types of clothing; all these can mean the difference between productivity and distraction
  3. Build in accountability - Timebox each task you’re doing, use a time tracker/alarms to help keep you on track, make a task list & share it with your team.
@ArtLapinsch has been on both sides of the “remote table”; first as an employee, then as a manager.
In our recent interview he shared his story on how he learned to navigate the world of remote work with ease
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