#CreatorSpaces Week 33: The formula to making people click...



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#CreatorSpaces Week 33: The formula to making people click...
By @GentOfTech • Issue #18 • View online
It’s all about psychology. People click because of three emotions
  1. Curiosity 
  2. Desire 
  3. Fear
Once you learn how to trigger these emotions, the medium you’re in doesn’t matter
“The difference between these 2 titles is ONE word. Yet that one word is worth 2.5 million views” (Source: Jake Thomas’ Twitter)
I recently had the privilege of learning his secret titling formats that masterfully evoke each one of the 3 emotions 📝 This also got me thinking: what’s more important, the title or the content?🤔
You’ll never need to take another copywriting course after listening to this 11-minute conversation.

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